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In 1999, while working as a Maid and living in an RV with no computer or internet, I decided to start teaching myself how to code using a book I had borrowed from a friend. I would go to a family member's house or a library to use their computers on dial-up internet. A couple of years later in 2001, I was offered my first programming job as a Logistics Analyst. For my first project, I was tasked with developing a database-driven Night Vision Goggles inventory system for a US Navy Vision Lab.


  • Age: 46
  • Degree: None
  • Freelance: Not Currently Available

Professional Experience

Athena Blue, LLC

2020 - Present

SQL Developer > Developer Senior

2016 - 2020

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg, WV

Primary Skills Used: SQL Server, ColdFusion, Object Oriented PHP, mySQL, Oracle, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, t-SQL, pl/SQL, HTML.

  • Grant Time & Effort System: Development of data-driven web-based application for Faculty and Staff to log time and effort spent on Medical Research Grants. This system has digital signature features, automated e-mail notifications, and Summary Reports for Auditing purposes to meet Federal guidelines for time and effort on research grants.
  • Admissions Committee Decision Reporting: Developed system of tracking decisions and notes for applicants during the Admissions process. Admissions Committee Report allowed team members to sort based on specific criteria to have a broad overview of applicant data. This report was used as a final sign off for the Dean during weekly Admissions Committee Meetings.
  • ClinSy: Developed a responsive web-based version of a previously attempted iOS app from student developers. GTAs polled students on the existing iOS app and this feedback was used to build a new, responsive web-based application which would allow study materials, video demonstrations, medical documentation, special tests, and OPP to be uploaded and reviewed by students.
  • Compensation Calculator: Developed a ColdFusion and SQL Server web-based system with pie charts to calculate total compensation for an employee based on many WV state factors, such as PEIA, Basic Life, Accrued Leave, and more.
  • Moodle Syllabus Builder: Developed a custom plugin for the Moodle platform to allow Course Directors to buid Syllabi and submit for the Curriculum Committee to review.

Freelance Programmer

2015 - 2016

Primary Skills Used: SQL Server, Object Oriented PHP, mySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, t-SQL, Bootstrap, jqPlot, HTML

  • Developed custom macros for importing and exporting data from over 20 mines located in West Virginia and Kentucky. New report system improved performance and decreased man hours and data retrieval time.
  • Developed database application to display data gathered from Continuous Miners in multiple states for Mining Industry Executives to monitor drilling information.
  • Developed database application which parsed XML files and allowed users to search, view and print records 24/7 from any internet-ready device. Data collection was from across the state of WV.
  • Developed database application for customer resolutions in the Medical Industry for hospitals located throughout West Virginia.
  • Developed initial web presence for Neany, Inc.’s Persistent Ground Surveillance System.

Marketing Assistance

2011 - 2015

Phillips Machine in Beckley, WV

Primary Skills Used: ColdFusion, Object Oriented PHP, SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, t-SQL, pl/SQL, CSS, Bootstrap, FusionCharts, HTML, Photoshop, Edge Animate, After Effects

  • Lead POC and Programmer for, a fully customizable database- driven web application used across the globe. Custom ECM (Enterprise Content Management) to allow for easy management of site content, job postings, adding pictures or new content, etc.
  • Lead POC and Database Programmer for Engineering Parts Book Search which converted the existing Windows based search process for large PDF documents. Allowed users throughout the company to locate parts for all customer's mining machinery within milliseconds. Previous process could take several man hours to find the necessary documents. This project included programming, server automation, database server setup and management.
  • Lead POC and Database Programmer for the Engineering Non-Compliance System. System provided automation and tracking for Parts Books issues, revisions and resolutions.
  • Lead POC and Database Programmer for the Engineering Parts System. System developed to prevent duplicate parts in inventory, provide Document Tracking with an Approvals Feature, Notes Feature and automated emails.
  • Lead POC and Database Programmer for the Quote System. This project was to convert the existing business workflow from a spreadsheet and email based process to a database-driven application to allow for better tracking of customer proposals. System included Proposal Creation, Revision History, File Uploads, Approvals & Rejections Feature, Notes Feature, Automated Emails, Request for Review feature and metadata on all activity while logged into the system.
  • Lead POC and Database Programmer for the MineLink project. Worked with Engineering team and PLC programmer to push data from Shuttle Car mining machinery to a SQL Server Database. Database application allowed companies to view activity collected from the Shuttle Cars while they were in operation.
    • Data included items such as what direction the equipment was travelling, how many tons of coal it had loaded, if the driver was in their seat, the speed the equipment was travelling, oil levels and many other pivotal features measures by sensors installed throughout the equipment.
    • Near Real-time results with data appearing on any internet-ready device within seconds of the equipment recording the data.
    • Created Data Visualization using Line Charts and Bar Charts to display current and historical data of alarms/sensors that were tracked on the equipment. Development of MineLink was featured in World Coal Magazine.

Software Developer

2008 - 2011

Citynet in Charleston, WV

Primary Skills Used: ColdFusion, SQL Server, JavaScript, SQL, t-SQL, CSS, HTML

  • Developed and deployed new applications as well as application enhancements for a suite of the company's internal database-driven business applications.
  • Lead Software Developer for which is a tool for telecommunications companies throughout the country, such as Verizon, Sprint, etc. to port customers. This system auto-generates internal work orders, sends automated emails, auto-schedules into Tech Calendar and follows all current FCC rules and regulations for simple and complex port orders.
  • Developed pivotal accounting reports for managing all revenue, credits, payments across Citynet (locations in Ohio and West Virginia). Previous Accounting Reports had thousands of dollars of errors and some took 30 minutes or more to run. Worked with Database Administrator to create a Data Warehouse and a nightly backup process which allowed us to improve the runtime to seconds. Extensive query optimization and data auditing throughout 2010 provided the most accurate reporting in the history of Citynet, allowing Accountants to track all revenue down to the penny.
  • Optimized FTP, Website and Domain Provisioning to accommodate new server farms. Development included replication of Microsoft IIS metabase across multiple Windows servers. Modified scripts to iterate across all servers.
  • Modified CallerID scripts for VoIP system to more accurately and promptly return CallerID records to customers.

Computer Programmer I > Computer Programmer II > Development Project Manager


Florida Digital Networks in Orlando, FL

Primary Skills Used: ColdFusion, SQL Server, AS400, JavaScript, SQL, t-SQL, CSS, HTML

  • Worked with a team of 10-13 Programmers developing database applications used for CRM, order processing and automated system processes.
  • Lead POC and Programmer for database application under the Vice President of Operations. This Dispatch system handled scheduling for dispatching technicians with several enhancements which acted as the tracking and notification system for managing Field Technicians across the East Coast.
  • Lead POC and Programmer for database application, Escalation System, handling customer support issues, which included an email notification system and scheduled tasks for automation. This application has assisted in resolving customer issues in a more effective and timely manner and is widely used by over 1,000 employees spanning several states on the East Coast.
  • Lead Programmer for the Automated Customer Email System, enhancing communication with both FDN customers and employees.
  • Lead Programmer for “plug and play” menu system for wholesale customers, which allowed FDN to offer wholesale partners access to our CRM/Ordering System within just minutes and with less training.

Logistics Analyst

2001 - 2003

Spectrum Sciences in Hollywood, Maryland

  • Created database applications for government contracts ers implementing Section 508 and Navair Security standards.
  • Lead POC for engineering and implement animations, graphics, web, print and CD production including graphic/interface design for US Navy, Marines and specifically Navair.
  • Lead POC and Programmer for Night Vision Goggles Inventory Management System for the Vision Laboratory at Patuxent Naval Air station operated by Jerri Tribble, Ph. D.
  • Lead POC and Programmer for database application for the Department of Veterans Affairs to convert their existing paper and fax process to find Physicians for Veterans health needs to a web-based application that was available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Field Service Technician

2000 - 2001

NMCI (Navy Marine Corps Intranet) in Patuxent River, MD

  • Temporary contract for the initial phases to develop an intranet for the Navy and Marine Corps (NMCI, or Navy Marine Corps Intranet) which evolved to now include over 350,000 computers serving over 700,000 Sailors, Marines and Civilians.
  • Assisted in surveying computers, tracking hardware and software, as well as running diagnostics used to map and engineer networks at Patuxent Naval Air Station and Webster Field in Maryland.

Training and Education

While I never earned a degree, I continue to audit courses and learn new technology. I am neurodivergent and almost always have something new I am learning and passionate about.

Clinical Trials Management and Advanced Operations (Offered by Johns Hopkins University)


Course 3 of 4 in Clinical Trials Operations

Clinical Trials Data Management and Quality Assurance (Offered by Johns Hopkins University)


Course 2 of 4 in Clinical Trials Operations

Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (Offered by Johns Hopkins University)


Course 1 of 4 in Clinical Trials Operations

Python World Map Geovisualization Dashboard using Covid Data


Specialization Certificate

Executive Data Science Specialization (Offered by Johns Hopkins University)


Specialization Certificate

Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS (Offered by Johns Hopkins University)


Currently Enrolled

Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau (Offered by Duke University)


Course Completion Certificate 91.6%

Managing Big Data with MySQL (Offered by Duke University)


Course Completion Certificate 98.0%

Mastering Data Analysis in Excel (Offered by Duke University)


Course Completion Certificate 97.2%

Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS (Offered by Duke University)


Course Completion Certificate 93.6%

Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies (Offered by Duke University)


Course Completion Certificate 81.3%

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox (Offered by Johns Hopkins University)


Course Completion Certificate 96.0%

A Crash Course in Data Science (Offered by Johns Hopkins University)


Course Completion Certificate 100.0%

Google Analytics Certified


VoiceXML Platform Certified


Speaking, Presenting and Volunteering

I enjoy speaking with our youth about STEM. Please contact to schedule.

Hour of Code

December 2022

Spoke with students virtually during Computer Science Week at Petertown Elementary School in Peterstown, WV.

Department of Defense Education Activity

2020 - 2021


Volunteer Speaker for the Hour of Code

Mountain Moot


Mountain Moot 2019

Speaker - Syllabus Plugin

STFM Conference for Medical Student Education


Society of Teachers of Medical Education

Poster Presentation - ClinSy Web Application

Hour of Code

December 2017

Volunteered during Computer Science Week at Petertown Elementary School in Peterstown, WV.

100 Girls of Code WV

100 Girls of Code WV

Initial startup. Funding and location was put on hold.

Hour of Code

December 2015

Volunteered during Computer Science Week at Mary C. Snow Elemetary in Charleton, WV.

WV Hive - Coding Lab

2015 - 2016

Volunteered to setup Coding Lab at WV Hive location in WVU Tech in Beckley, WV.

Academy of Careers and Technology

2016 - Current

Technology Advisory Board

Center for Independent Living


Volunteered design and development in Orlando, FL.



Charleston, WV